Peter Cummings Research Group Vanderbilt Univeristy


Peter Cummings' research interests include statistical mechanics, molecular simulation, computational materials science, computational and theoretical nanoscience, and computational biology. Peter is the author of over 380 refereed journal publications and the recipient of awards commending his research contributions such as the Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research (AIChE 1998), the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum Award (AIChE 2007), the Founders Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Chemical Engineering (AIChE 2010), the Yeram S. Touloukian Award (ASME 2012), and the John M.Prausnitz Award (Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design 2012).

Research in the Cummings research group has six major thrusts:

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For a full list of publications, including citation data, please visit Professor Cumming's Google Scholar page.