Peter Cummings Research Group Oak Ridge National Laboratory Vanderbilt Univeristy

Former Research Group Members

Andras Baranyai

Prof. Andras Baranyai (Visiting Professor on many occasions; now Professor of Chemistry and Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary)

Istvan Borzsak

Dr. István Borzsák (Research Associate 1996–1999; now at the Chemical Research Center Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Ariel Chialvo

Dr. Ariel Chialvo (ORNL/UT Collaborating Scientist 1995–2002; now a member of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory research staff )

Shengting Cui

Dr. Shengting Cui (Research Associate Professor, University of Tennessee)

Jerome Delhommelle

Jerome Delhommelle (Research Associate 2004–2005; now Associate Professor in the Chemistry Department, University of North Dakota)

Hugh Docherty

Dr. Hugh Docherty (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2007–2010; now Software Development Engineer, Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc.)

Thomas Driesner

Dr. sc. nat. Thomas Driesner (Research Associate 1998–1999; now at ETH-Zurich)

Peter Dyer

Peter Dyer (Graduate Student 2003–2008)

Guang Feng

Guang Feng (Research Assistant Professor 2010–2014; now Professor with the State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion at Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Teresa Finchum

Ms. Teresa Finchum (Executive Secretary; now working for Jack Dongarra in Computer Science at the University of Tennessee)

Will French

Will French (Graduate Student 2008–2013; now a Research Fellow in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)

Shin-Ichi Furukawa

Dr. Shin-Ichi Furukawa (Research Associate; now at Osaka University)

Lili Gai

Lili Gai (Graduate Student 2009-2014; now a Postdoctoral Associate in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department at Penn State)

Sharad Gupta

Sharad Gupta (Graduate Student in Computer Science 2001–2003; now in the MBA program at the University of Tennessee)

Sunil Gupta

Dr. Sunil Gupta (Graduate Student; now with PerkinElmer Informatics)

Mohammed Houssa

Dr. Mohammed Houssa (Research Associate 1999–2000; returned to Physics Department, University of Seville, Spain)

Tudor Ionescu

Tudor Ionescu (Graduate Student; now in the PhD program at the University of Tennessee)

Junhwan Jeon

Junhwan Jeon (Staff Scientist 2006–2013; now a software developer)

Soon Chul Kim

Prof. Soon Chul Kim (Visiting Faculty Member 2000–2001; returned to the Physics Department, Andong National University, Korea)

Christoph Klein

Christoph Klein (Graduate Student 2012–2017; now a Software Engineer at Medical Genomics at Counsyl)

Vishal Koparde

Vishal Koparde (Graduate Student 2001–2006; now a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Virginia Commonwealth University)

Yongsheng Leng

Yongsheng Leng (Research Associate Professor 2006–2008; now Assistant Professor of Engineering and Applied Science at George Washington University)

Hung-Chih Li

Hung-Chih Li (Research Associate 2002–2003; now at the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Song Li

Song Li (Graduate Student 2009–2014; now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University)

Sherry Matthews

Sherry Matthews (Administrative Services Assistant; now in the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at the University of Tennessee)

Clare McCabe

Prof. Clare M. McCabe (Research Associate and Research Assistant Professor 1990–2001; now Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, via the Colorado School of Mines)

Jonathan Moore

Dr. Lucas Mitchell Angelette (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014; now a Staff Member of the molecular modeling group at Dow Chemical)

Jonathan Moore

Dr. Jonathan Moore (Graduate Student 1994–1999; now a Staff Member of the molecular modeling group at Dow Chemical)

Siladitya Mukherjee

Siladitya Mukherjee (Graduate Student 2010–1999; now an Assistan Engineering Manager at Larsen & Toubro)

Pavan Naicker

Dr. Pavan Naicker (Research Associate 2002–2004; now a Principal Investigator at DuPont)

Ivo Nezbeda

Dr. Ivo Nezbeda (Visiting Faculty Member 2000–2001; returned to the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien (Computer Support 2006)

Yongsheng Leng

Patrice Paricaud (Research Associate 2002–2004; now Teacher-Researcher at ENSTA ParisTech)

Anita Patterson (Office Assistant and Editorial Assistant for Fluid Phase Equilibria 2002–2003; now studying music at Belmont University)

Christina Payne

Christina Payne (Graduate student 2002–2007; now Assistant Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering at University of Kentucky))

Alka Potdar

Alka Potdar (Graduate Student 2004–2009; now Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University)

Milan Predota

Dr. Milan Predota (Research Associate 1999–2001; now Assistant Professor with the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague and the University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice, in the Czech Republic)

Qing Pu

Qing Pu (Graduate Student 2003–2007)

Patrick Redmill

Patrick Redmill (Graduate Student 2003–2008; now Engineering Applications Developer at HTRI)

Jose Luis Rivera

Dr. Jose Luis Rivera (Graduate Student 1998–2003; now Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo in Morelia, Mexico)

Michael Rouha

Dr. Michael Rouha (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2009–2011; now a Junior Researcher at the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation in Liberec, Czech Republic)

Sumeet Salaniwal

Sumeet Salaniwal (Graduate Student 1995–2000; now a Research Scientist with Wyeth Research in Collegeville, PA)

Laurie Samuels

Laurie Samuels (Office Assistant and Editorial Assistant for Fluid Phase Equilibria 2003–2005; now working in the Vanderbilt Hospital)

Jayant Singh

Dr. Jayant Singh (Visiting Faculty Member 2009; now Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

Adam Skelton

Dr. Adam Skelton (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2008–2011; now a Senior Research Associate at the University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Joseph Slusher

Dr. Joseph Slusher (Graduate student 1992–1997; NRC Post-Doc at N.I.S.T., Gaithersburg, MD; now employed by Lockheed-Martin)

Alberto Striolo

Alberto Striolo (Research Associate 2003–2005; now Assistant Professor of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering, University of Oklahoma)

Weiwei Sun

Weiwei Sun (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2017; now a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Zhi Tao

Zhi Tao (Graduate Student 2002–2007)

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2008; now iPhone Software Engineer at Apple Inc.)

Rae Uson

Victor M. Trejos Montoya (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014–2016; now at National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Rae Uson

Rae Uson (Administrative Assistant and Editorial Assistant for Fluid Phase Equilibria 2005–2010; now Departmental Administrative Assistant)

Lukas Vlcek

Lukas Vlcek (Research Associate; now Staff Scientist, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Mingjie Wei

Li Wan (Graduate Student 2009-2015; now with The International Monetary Fund)

Mingjie Wei

Mingjie Wei (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2012–2014, now Research Assistant Professor at Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science)

Chunya Wui

Chunya Wu (Visiting Graduate Student 2010–2011; now a lector at Harbin Institute of Technology)

Eric Yezdimer

Dr. Eric Yezdimer (Graduate Student 1998–2001; now Group Leader Medical, Industrial Summit Technology)

Eric Yezdimer

Ting Zheng (Visiting Graduate Student 2014–2015; Harbin Institute of Technology)


Additional Former Students

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