Conference Papers Presented 2000 (1996-1999) (2001) (2002) (2003) (2004) (Chronological)

  1. C. McCabe, S. T. Cui, and P. T. Cummings, “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Rheology of 9-Octyldocosane,” 14th Symposium on thermophysical Properties, Boulder, Colorado, June 25th 2000.

  2. C. McCabe, S. T. Cui, and P. T. Cummings, “Examining the Rheology of 9-Octylheptadecane by Molecular Simulation”, Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation (FOMMS 2000), Keystone, Colorado, July 26th 2000.

  3. P. T. Cummings, J. D. Moore, S. T. Cui, H. D. Cochran and C. McCabe, “Transient Rheology of a Polyethylene Melt Under Shear”, Rheology 2000, Cambridge, August 23rd 2000.

  4. C. McCabe, D. Bedrov, G. D. Smith, and P. T. Cummings, “A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Rheology of Perfluoroalkanes: Comparing A Fully Atomistic and United Atom Model” AIChE Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, November 16th 2000.