Other research groups in the US working in the field of molecular modeling ...

Clancy group @ Cornell

Cummings group @ VU

Gubbins group @ NCSU

Glotzer group @ UMich

Maginn group @ND

Neurock group @ UVA

Siepmann group @ Minnesota

Snurr group @ Northwestern

... but this list is by no means exhaustive!


Richard Felders home page at NCSU

Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering (CACHE)

Molecular Modelling Task Force (MMTF)


Professional Societies

Computation Molecular Science and Engineering Forum (COMSEF)


Royal Society of Chemistry

American Chemical Society

American Society for Engineering Education

Society of Women Engineers

Physical Property Data Resources

NIST physical property web book

Useful site for conversion factors


Cadbury chocolate

Speed test

Molecular modeling on Wikipedia (good list of codes)

Listing of undergraduate research opportunities in ChE

List of Graduate Engineering fellowships

and another list by deadline can be found here